Day 94 – fairy house #2

by Shannon

You have to know that in my house you’re going to need to give your fairies CHOICES!!!
This one is covered in birch bark, with silk rose petals on the roof and moss “grass” that my girls found for me. I have one more option planned, but we need to find some trimmings for a tree in somebody else’s yard… On another note, I set this little cutie on the book shelf – right in front of my favorite photo. Then I cried for 5 minutes as I thought of the reaction the people in the photo would have had on my crazy creations… In the photo I’m sitting between my maternal grandparents in my wedding dress, with a bouquet in front of my face. Gramp is looking down at me, grinning at my antics (they wouldn’t let me stop to eat..) while Grandma giggles. Here I go again…
be thankful for the people who love you!



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