Day 53 – Sock Monkey 1 of 3

by Shannon

One of the top advantages of committing to this challenge is that I am now taking the time to make all of the things on my list.  My girls are 8 and 5, my niece Gracie is 3 1/2 and no-one has a sock monkey yet…  I made my first sock monkey about 10 years ago to give to my Grandmothers for Christmas. I decided that they should be hand-stitched instead of machine sewn to keep them really authentic.  Since then, I have made them for my Mom and Mother-in-law, which were also hand stitched.  To continue the tradition, the monkey’s that go to my children and nieces and nephews will be hand stitched as well.  The excuse for not doing them yet?  They take a lot of time.

Yes, I have made a few monkey’s with the sewing machine. They certainly take less time.  Unfortunately, I’m a bit of a snob. I want to create authentically when I can.  For the record, I never use glue on a basket either. When I told my sister about my project choice her response was “You should have cheated.” Then I pointed out it was going to be for one of our girls and she rather quickly changed her mind.


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