The Changing Face of Business

by Shannon

I find myself in the midst of a turmoil. Yesterday, I searched 3 local stores before I had to give in and go to Wal-Mart.  The others were locally owned, but still franchises.  Wal-Mart is the only one with enough volume and cash to carry the variety I was looking for.  The absolute irony is that I was looking for supplies to show workshop attendees how to make instead of buy!

Our community is small, the total 50 mile draw is estimated at 180,000. Median income (last I checked) was $30,000.  The big box stores are moving in, small businesses are struggling to compete. I believe we are reaching a significant revolution in our economy.  We have reached a point where it’s no longer a choice for many in our community to buy local or not. Consumers do not have enough discretionary income left to pay an extra $2 per gallon of milk or pair of socks. There is now and will continue to be a shift to smaller homes, smaller cars, less stuff. What we do want will shift towards the hand-made and one of a kind.

So where do they spend what they have? What do they do for entertainment? How do we maintain our unique qualities as consumers and communities? This is the direction of the future.



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