Day 18 – The Naked Doll

by Shannon

I learned a couple of things with this project.                                                                                                   

First, even my baby (age 4) has a confidence in my abilities…
ME: “Logan, if you buy that doll, you won’t have any clothes for her.
She is bigger than your Barbies.”
Logan: “That’s OK Momma, you can make her some.”
Accompany that, with an angelic smile as she gazes adoringly at the doll (currently in plastic craft store packaging) and a Mom in the midst of a challenge to create something new every day for 365 days. You then have yourself… DAY 18.

Second, if I bring a naked doll to school and leave it on the desk while in volunteer “information desk lady” persona, the children will vary from fascinated to shocked! Giggling will ensue…

Third, I can make a pretty cute dress in 2 hrs.

Fourth, be careful what you wish for! I was admittedly flattered that she expected me to make her something fabulous and proud that she came up with the idea.  The problem is what she said when I told her I finished the dress…

“Did you make her shoes and pants too?”


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