Day 14 – Ribbon Barrettes Circa 1981?

by Shannon

The year, 1981…. Scene, Second Grade

I remember desperately wanting a pair of these barrettes!   “ALL” the girls had them. Perhaps this was my first self-taught project?  It was either these or the stretchy loop pot holders… Anyway, I studied the barrette one of my friends had, begged Mom to buy me ribbon and naked barrettes, and made myself a FABULOUS pair of light pink and white barrettes. I think I made my sister a pair too, but I’ll rely on her memory for that!

Enter 2012, my girls are 4 and 7…

Walking through the craft store to buy supplies for a baby gift.  There before us are the brilliant colors of spool upon spool of ribbon. And I remember!!! Now I know how to complete my second week of my challenge.  The girls now have a fond memory and a great new accessory to wear on St Patrick’s Day!


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