by Shannon

So I’m sitting under the hair dryer at my favorite salon, Hair Teasers Studio. My friend and stylist Carey and I have been together since our teens. We have an understanding similar to my artistic endeavors… Let’s see what happens! She know I’m open to trying assorted colors since we bleached a couple streaks of my dark brown hair blond. The blond became boring, so we’ve moved on to temporary color. Since it’s March, my formerly purple streak is becoming green today. I have no idea what shade it’s going to be, it is going to be FUN. It’s stress free for Carey too, she knows if it’s mint, Kelly, or evergreen, I’m going to be happy.

I’m the same way with my creations, I do not care if you call them crafts, art, or just plain stuff. They make me happy and inspire others. How cool is that?
I am becoming more and more inspired by the “likes,” comments, texts, emails and Facebook feedback I have been receiving. Who know what your next project wants to become? Does it really matter if it becomes something different than your original plan?

Have fun, be flexible and most of all, remember that NO-ONE else has a clue what the picture in your head started as!!! It’s about the process.



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