Where it all began

by Shannon

So, the 365 day challenge has had me thinking a lot lately. I am extremely excited to share with you all the different mediums I like to use.  I realized today that many of my talents have a past, and a plethora of memories.  My younger brother told me not long ago that he is not sure he has a childhood memory where I am not “in process” in one way or another.

So many people complain that every time they learn something new or buy all the supplies, they soon burn out and never touch it again. My stash goes back to my childhood, I DO NOT waste arts & craft supplies, ever.  I am very lucky  that I have a number of “crafts” supplies that remain from my childhood. Where it all began, I’m not sure. I continuously circle back. One week it’s earrings, then knit scarves, then mixed media, then painting, crochet, beading….   I vividly recall sitting in our front porch, organizing my “big box” of Crayola crayons by shade at age 6.  When I was eight years, I convinced the neighbor lady to teach me to crochet.

My world hasn’t lost its color since and get to keep learning…


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