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August 25, 2011

Two days after the Bemidji Community Ed

by Shannon

Two days after the Bemidji Community Ed Catalog came out and 5 people have already registered for my abstract painting workshop!!!! WOW

August 21, 2011

Have you seen our interview? I’ll attach the link for all to see…. :-)

by Shannon
August 4, 2011

Wanted to Recycle…. Your help is officially requested!

by Shannon
Here are some items my girls and I are trying to recycle into various art projects:
metal beer or soda caps,
 old or broken crayons,
 wire, wire hangers, etc
 yarn or ribbon scraps
 beads (new or used)
 leather belts
 vinyl records
 cardboard cones
 #10 cans (cleaned please)
 spray paint (open is fine!)
 woven cloth
scrap fencing
If you have some sitting round, we’re collecting!
Bemidji Building Center has agreed to act as a drop zone for us!
(3925 Minnkota Ave, north of the Walk-in and Pediatric clinics) Many thanks to you and them!
Shannon, Bridget & Logan Mae
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