Application deadline extension

by Shannon

Well folks, we still have a vendor spaces availible. Since I feel so strongly that this show is going to be excellent, I am going to extend the deadline until we reach our vendor capacity.  I’ve been visting a number of local businesses and organizations spreading the word for the show.  Please feel free to send me your concerns or questions and I’ll get right on them.  Thank you!


Don’t forget to walk through some nice crunchy leaves this weekend!


2 Comments to “Application deadline extension”

  1. I am the President of BSU Art Association and have heard a few different comments or guidelines. A lot of students do not have business licenses, tax numbers, etc. We were told you had to have all of that. Please email me at your earliest convenience.

    • Hi Shanna,
      Our application asks for a Social Security number or Tax ID number. The reason we ask is because each vendor is responsible to the state for reporting their sales tax. I will be keeping them on file incase I need to provide proof that I required info from our vendors. If anyone does want MN tax id, they are free and availible online or over the phone. I’d be happy to look up the info. Please do not hesitate to call me at 556-5907 or email Thanks! Shannon

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