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October 21, 2010

Artists on the First City of Arts Studio Cruise

by Shannon

Please be sure to check out the Studio Cruise in and around Bemidji this weekend! A couple of the artists on the Cruise will be vendors at The Opener Art Festival, November 6th. (See The Opener Tab)  

Some of my suggestions for your Studio Cruise:

Paula Swenson, Terry Honstead, Sillimandi, Cindy Burger, Christina Thorne, Mike Wiltse, Dave Towley, Kathy Towley

See you there!


October 16, 2010

The Opener is only 3 weeks away!

by Shannon

We’re counting down now!!!  I’ve scheduled a Chamber Ambassador visit for next week, the banner for the entry is ready and the direction signs for the PB Drive are  on their way.  The posters and postcards are popping up in storefronts and restaurants around Bemidji.  I just finished brochure sized fliers that some friends will be using as bag stuffers in their stores. (Look for the PDF with this post.) The Opener trifold  We’ll have ads in the Pioneer and the Buy Line and on the radio stations the week before the show.  Watch for mentions of us on all the Events calendars!!!

For those of you on the Studio Cruise, best of luck next weekend. I can’t wait!

October 7, 2010

The Opener Artists

by Shannon

The best part of my day lately is opening the mail!  I just received 3 more vendor apps yesterday and they are awesome!!!!  We are going to have an extremely diverse group.  I do see a specific gap in things wooden and maybe more pottery.  If this you or someone you know, let’s hear from you! I’m working on hotel fliers and signs by the stop lights and ads for the radio and newspapers.  More to come soon!

October 1, 2010

Application deadline extension

by Shannon

Well folks, we still have a vendor spaces availible. Since I feel so strongly that this show is going to be excellent, I am going to extend the deadline until we reach our vendor capacity.  I’ve been visting a number of local businesses and organizations spreading the word for the show.  Please feel free to send me your concerns or questions and I’ll get right on them.  Thank you!


Don’t forget to walk through some nice crunchy leaves this weekend!

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