The beginning

by Shannon

Once upon a time, in the land of lakes and trees, was a magical festival.  This festival was special to many, many people, both young and old.  Every year, two little girls went to the festival with their mother, little brother, and assorted family and friends who came to the village for that same weekend every year.  The festival was filled with colors, scents, textures and all sorts of new and interesting  things.

The village was called Bemidji, the festival was The People’s Art Festival and it was held at BSU on the deer hunting opener every year…. 

The little girls grew up and the festival went to sleep. The family and friends still come to Bemidji every year on that same weekend. Even more artists and artisans fill the community! Every day the girls discover new and fantastic creations made by the hands and hearts of their neighbors.  They decided to try to bring them back together and breathe new life into the annual festival.  

 Thus, The Opener Art Festival was born.


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