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September 28, 2010

Updates and Thank You’s!

by Shannon

First, for those of you applying to be vendors: I have made arrangements to accept application fees by credit card. Just write in your number, billing, exp and cvv (3 digit code on the back) on your application or call me with your info. The charge will be listed as Bemidji Building Center on your statement.

Second, I have been visiting with a number of local shops and organizations regarding The Opener Art Festival.  Thanks so much to Lori at the Bemidji Community Art Center, Katie at Region 2, Cristina at Bad Cat Creations, Janet at Headwaters School of Music and the Arts, Patt from the Pioneer, the ladies at Gallery North and the Bemidji Chamber and all of my friends for your fantastic advice and support!  Advice is greatly appreciated. : )

Last but not least, enjoy your fall! It’s beautiful out there…

September 27, 2010

Application drop off

by Shannon

A number of you have asked if you can drop off your applications.  Not a problem!  Just bring it to Bemidji Building Center (next to the eye clinic and the walk-in clinic on Minnkota Ave), in an envelope marked: attention- Shannon. 

If you have any questions, call me at (218) 556-5907 or email:

Thank you!


September 24, 2010

The beginning

by Shannon

Once upon a time, in the land of lakes and trees, was a magical festival.  This festival was special to many, many people, both young and old.  Every year, two little girls went to the festival with their mother, little brother, and assorted family and friends who came to the village for that same weekend every year.  The festival was filled with colors, scents, textures and all sorts of new and interesting  things.

The village was called Bemidji, the festival was The People’s Art Festival and it was held at BSU on the deer hunting opener every year…. 

The little girls grew up and the festival went to sleep. The family and friends still come to Bemidji every year on that same weekend. Even more artists and artisans fill the community! Every day the girls discover new and fantastic creations made by the hands and hearts of their neighbors.  They decided to try to bring them back together and breathe new life into the annual festival.  

 Thus, The Opener Art Festival was born.

September 24, 2010

Who are your favorite local artists?

by Shannon

I am questioned almost daily about which artists are going to be in the show. Walking through downtown Bemidji, the enthusiasm is definitely there. I myself am so excited to see the creativity of artisans in our community. Who or what are your favorites?

September 21, 2010

The registration deadline is fast approaching!

by Shannon

Please be sure to get your applications in for The Opener ASAP!  The jury process will begin October 1st.  We will be posting a list of vendors and short descriptions soon thereafter. I think we’re going to have a fantastic selection! Please send me any suggestions you have for artists and I will invite them to apply. Thanks you!


September 16, 2010

We are Bemidji Area Chamber’s newest member!

by Shannon

Wildflower Design Studios is now officially a member of the Bemidji Area Chamber of Commerce! Thanks to Georgette and Carol for putting that all together for me!  We have information on  The Opener now displayed at the Tourist Information Center.  We’ll be in Chamber E-Blasts closer to the event date and an Ambassador call in the near future.

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